Curious about job opportunity during these COVID-19 periods and seeking professional feedback/review on any person/company?

Click on the link given below to give anonymous feedback on your colleagues or companies or even your boss. (past or present)



In exchange, you get a genuine feedback on any one other person/ company (in Mumbai) of your choice, on best effort basis, at zero cost, to help you in your career growth

Who are we?

We are a research company Mirrorview360 seeking anonymous opinion on  professionals & companies for our behavioral research project. We are constantly working to find correlation between a person’s actual working-style in office with his/her academic background.

Is my data secure?

Data shared by you of a person or company is anonymous. We don't collect your name or your phone number.

Why are we doing this?

We are building a genuine platform  wherein people can give and get feedback on professionals and companies they are working for or wish to work for in future.