Deeesha’s key focus is to help you with taking a FOCUSED DIRECTION during 3 crucial stages of your professional life cycle by giving you an opportunity with a practical hands-on experience in the direction of your choice, in addition to the theory – whether you need a direction for building your CAREER or a direction for finding a suitable JOB or a direction for starting your own BUSINESS.

In short, we….

EDUCATE final year school & college going students:

We provide practical hands-on experience/training for final year school/college student that will give you a taste of industry/sector in which you aspire to make your career, in addition to giving you a most advanced career self-assessment Report

EMPLOY the final year students into industries of the future such as Solar, LED, Home Automation, cyber security, etc. by giving them practical hands-on industry-specific training to make the would-be fresh graduates employable for industries of the future

EMPOWER entrepreneurs and MSME owners that want to make big: support MSME companies with FREE infrastructure support (e.g. FREE Rent space, FREE back-office staff for accounting/ finance/ taxation/legal matters etc.), handholding from our in-house professionals who are equally interested for your growth